Pandal is a prefabricated building system made up of pillars, I or inverted T-beams and tubular section roofing elements. This system is mainly used for the realization of multi-storey industrial, commercial and office buildings.

The particular positioning of the pre-stressing reinforcement guarantees the possibility to place ducts for cables and installations vertically in wide areas of the floors.

The placement of the elements along the lower slabs forms flat soffit floors giving the chance to exploit broader structural networks.
Reduced dimensions, high static performance and fire resistance result in maximum exploitation of cubic volumes, optimization of costs originating from fire protection systems and less frequent interventions to conform to the increasingly demanding regulations.

Combining the system with the Pandal beam, it is possible to build a frame with interlocking joints along the two main directions, thus considerably reducing costs related to foundation works and wind-bracing elements.
Moreover, the Pandal system provides for the use of lowered inverted T-beams for accommodating the overhead crane rails or metal beams, when beams lower than the floor need to be raised.

D.L.C. Milano International Patent