Pannelli is a prefabricated building system made up of flat elements which can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

This system is mainly used for the realization of external infill walls and internal partitions in industrial, commercial, civil and office buildings.

The production processes consist in the realisation of massive section elements, internally lightened sandwich walls with perimeter reinforcement and thermal break elements with insulating material on the entire surface of the panel.

The external finishes may be in formwork grey, monochromatic or polychromatic marble, glass and porphyry grit and are supported by means of matrixes.

For all finishes mechanical surface treatments can be done, such as smoothing, brushing and bush hammering; linear milling and particular low-relief works can be carried out for customized projects.

The Pannelli system includes architectural components such as vibrated reinforced concrete portals, shaped and harmoniously connected, and corner elements in vibrated reinforced concrete with beveled edge.

Calcestruzzo spazzolato
Brushed concrete

Calcestruzzo levigato
Smoothed concrete

Calcestruzzo bocciardato
Bush hammered concrete

Giallo Siena spazzolato
Brushed Giallo Siena

Giallo Siena levigato
Smoothed Giallo Siena

Giallo Siena bocciardato
Bush hammered Giallo Siena

Botticino spazzolato
Brushed Botticino

Botticino levigato
Smoothed Botticino

Botticino bocciardato
Bush hammered Botticino

Nero ebano spazzolato
Brushed nero ebano

Nero ebano levigato
Smoothed nero ebano

Nero ebano bocciardato
Bush hammered nero ebano